Is the use of prescribed fire expensive?

Using prescribed fire is generally one of the most cost effective land management tools available. The cost of burning depends on multiple factors. Principal among those factors include the following: size of area to be burned, labor, fire break preparation, and equipment used during burning. Additional factors may include: fuel type, topography, burn plan complexity, ignition techniques, liability requirements or concerns, grazing deferment costs, and management objectives, restrictions and policies. To lower prescribed fire costs, consider contacting or forming a prescribed fire association. Associations lower costs by pooling knowledge, resources, and labor. Contact your county Extension agent to see if there is a prescribed burn/fire association near you. Links related to the cost of using prescribed fire include: Using Prescribed Fire in Oklahoma, The Nobel Foundation – How Much Does it Cost to Burn?, USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station Research Note – Prescribed Fire Costs, and Prescribed Burning Costs – Trends and Influences in the National Forest System.