Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation's Involvement with Prescribed Fire

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation (NF) helps land managers learn how to safely and effectively use prescribed fire or controlled burning, particularly in south-central Oklahoma and north-central Texas. Wildlife and fisheries consultants, along with pasture and range consultants at the NF routinely consult with people regarding prescribed fire. NF consultants typically consult with a few thousand land managers each year regarding many agricultural and natural resource subjects (prescribed fire being only one of them).

About The Noble Foundation

The NF was established by philanthropist Lloyd Noble in 1945 and is located in Ardmore, Okla. The purpose of the NF is to advance agricultural science and practice by conducting field and laboratory research, and by providing consultation to farmers, ranchers and land managers in the Southern Great Plains. Through its operations, the organization is committed to conserving and improving the soil, and fostering sustainable agricultural practices.

Seven research and demonstration properties, totaling about 12,500 acres, are operated by the NF in south-central Oklahoma. Prescribed fire has been used on all of the properties and is a common management practice on the properties that have significant acreages of native plants communities. Typically, the NF has a few prescribed burning projects or demonstrations underway on other private and public properties.

Prescribed Burning Workshop

An introductory Prescribed Burning Workshop is conducted annually by the NF, usually during late January. The workshop involves a half-day indoor lecture session,  with six to nine presentations and four to seven speakers, followed by a half-day of participatory demonstration burns. Details and online registration are usually available at approximately 3 months prior to the workshop. However, consultants can be contacted at any time to learn about the workshop or prescribed fire ( Also, consultants and researchers at the NF commonly give prescribed burning presentations at educational events organized by other entities, such as Cooperative Extension Services.

Ag News and Views

The NF publishes a free monthly newsletter called Ag News and Views that addresses several agricultural and natural resource issues. It is available online at The newsletter published 41 articles about fire during the period February 1983 through February 2013. NF staff also publish articles in other venues and write some fact sheets about prescribed fire. Some of these are available at, while others are available at other websites such as this Prescribed Fire Community of Practice site.