What clothes should I wear to conduct a prescribed fire?

Personal safety is a primary concern on every prescribed burn. Long pants and long-sleeved shirts provide personal protection from embers and radiant heat. Pants and shirts made of flame-resistant material such as Nomex or Indura cotton are recommended, but clothing made of 100% cotton or wool is adequate. Do not wear synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester as it can melt or ignite.  Avoid wearing clothes that have rips, tears, or holes as fabric along these edges can burn. Lace-up leather boots provide the best protection from radiant heat and embers.  A helmet is recommended to protect against embers and falling debris, and can be used to secure a neck and face shroud. If a helmet is not available, a cap or hat will help protect hair from embers. Goggles will protect eyes from embers and debris and help with smoke. Chrome tanned all-leather gloves provide the best hand protection. For more information, download the Prescribed Burning Handbook (10 MB).