Prescribed Fire Community Information

Most plant communities across North America are adapted to fire, and many plant and wildlife species are dependent upon fire for their survival. Fire suppression following European settlement in North America has caused these areas to dramatically change. Grasslands and prairies are being invaded by trees; savannas and open woodlands are becoming closed canopy forests; and prairie birds are declining with some species now threatened or endangered. It is critical that fire be restored to create and maintain the conditions necessary for the survival of our native plants and wildlife. Prescribed fire, sometimes also known as controlled burning, is the way land managers safely and effectively get fire back into these natural areas.
The Prescribed Fire Community of Practice (CoP) was created to provide a clearinghouse for information on conducting controlled burns and the effects of fire on plants and wildlife. The CoP provides information on fire through articles and frequently asked questions from the nation’s top prescribed fire personnel. If the information you need is not covered, the “Ask an Expert” tool is offered to provide a quick response by a fire professional from your region. The CoP also supplies up to date fire news and events.